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This is the most uninteresting "little mini-biography" you will ever read. I don't mean that because I am uninteresting, but because the subject matter itself is uninteresting. But vicariously, I am sure you will extrapolate that I am also uninteresting, and if you believe that, then there is not a thing I can do. But I still am fine.

  • All truths, save for natural laws, are subjective. There is even subjectivity in the way we interpret natural laws.

  • I haven't the heart for such endeavours.

  • I like to do multimedia work. Sadly, I have yet to be paid for the work I do, and as a result, am forced to work fulltime doing something completely unrelated to imaging; developing pictures. Do you want to know where? See for yourself. (Updated January 24th, Two-Kay Sicks) I now work for a company called 2wire doing customer support for people trying to connect to the interweb. (Updated April, oh-seven) I DID work for US Airways, and then a place called Semflex, and then a place called ACS, and then I was a roamer for a while and now I am back at US Airways! Oh brave new world... (Updated January 0-Ate) And now I work for MarTek!!! Life just keeps getting better! March 2009: WTF? I am the victim of a bad economy?!? y'know?!?

  • As soon as I start getting paid to do what I do, I will start not working. Well that is to say that because I will finally be paid to do something for which I have a passion, I will never ever 'work' a day in my life again.

  • Judge not, lest ye be judged.

  • Support your local Horseshoe Crabs.

  • Those who resort to using stimulants to escape from life have no trust in life. Furthermore, by doing so, they are saying that they have no trust in themselves, because they are truly and utterly incapable of enjoying life as it is. There is a great difference between recreational use and dependent use.

  • I've lived all over this nation, but have never been outside of its borders. That last part is a lie. I went to Puerto Peñasco once...

  • Go visit my professional site, General Designs.

  • Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. Whether you believe in God or dark matter, remember that there is more to this universe than what you can see.

The journal is everyones-only. If you want me to make it friends only, then leave stupid and raving comments.

If something in the journal offends you, good. If something else in the journal also offends you, then why the hell did you keep reading it? Dissent is the only thing that keeps people working for one another, and not just themselves.

From me to you, welcome to the fold.