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Quasi-emo? Perfect for Livejournal! [Oct. 1st, 2011|02:44 am]
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I've not posted here in a long time. But I will spare the same usual ramblings about it.

Maybe it's my hope though that I can somehow reconnect with the past. But times change; people change and the course of their lives also change. And it's no hope trying to move back to a town one lived in at some intangible time in the past, things will be much different. The hope is that one can appreciate where one came from and then move on with his or her own destiny.

But all I can say is that, banner ads notwithstanding, I am glad Livejournal has stayed true in maintaining a historical compendium of my own development, from semi-coherent teenager to a slightly more coherent adult. I'd surely love to think that I've only grown wiser in the autumn years of my third decade, but I can only be honest with myself in that regard.

So to you, random reader of this post, I ask this. How have you changed in the last 7 years? Think about it; where were you at this day seven years ago. And how has your life changed? How has your experience and your outlook shifted in the intervening time? What kind of life changes occurred and how have they recalibrated the way you view the world, other people and yourself?

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Quark's Bazaar [Jun. 2nd, 2010|06:06 pm]
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LJ is very personal in comparison to the other, newer and flashier social-networking whoosajabs. It's probably because when one goes to a LiveJournal page, everyone else isn't so in-your-face with their "This is what I am doing" and "Come fertilize my fields!" Perhaps that's why it's on the decline or perhaps that's why your Facespaces and your Twittages have all the glory now. Who knows?

And speaking of things whoever might know, isn't it funny how life kind of throws things at you when you aren't expecting them? Yeah, life is funny that way...
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Oh Livejournal... [Apr. 29th, 2010|04:01 pm]
How I've neglected you? But how can I stay motivated to remain consistent when most of my LJ friends have either actively removed themselves from here or just stopped posting regularly. Why, even ngyoshi, the one who bequeathed onto me the invite for an LJ account from back in the days when one had to be invited; even he has stopped posting here!

So I ask, what is my purpose for being here? Who knows? Does anyone know? I don't.

Like the last person still at a party long since over, I suppose I should call it a night and pass out. But I won't delete the account so readily, oh no! For tomorrow is another day!
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Tax Savings! [Apr. 7th, 2010|12:10 am]
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Hello Friends!

Do you have investments that have appreciated significantly since the lowest of lows in March of 2009? Did you buy these investments in April of 2009 or earlier and are worried about the capital gains tax implications when you sell them? And do you, like me, make little earned income and therefore fall under the 10% or 15% income tax bracket?

Well my friend, I have good news for you. for 2008-2010, there are no long-term capital gains taxes for those of us quasi-poor folk trying our hand at this whole investing thing!

Here is the full article outlining the capital-gains tax cuts.

Basically, it boils down to this. Capital gains taxes (taxes on appreciated value of investments) was cut for the 2008-2010 tax years across the board with the biggest savings for low-income investors. The lowest of these is the long-term capital gains tax ("long-term" meaning held for a year or more) which is nonexistent for people in the 10-15% tax brackets. This means you can sell your long-term investments and pay NO TAXES on the gains! 2010 is the last year for this and who knows where taxes will go afterwards? (And at 0%, there's only one way for taxes to go!)

So how can you benefit? Perhaps you bought some Citi or Ford stock when it was on fire sale last year. Perhaps it has since doubled or tripled or even more in value. Perhaps you want to reap the rewards from it. Or perhaps, like me, you'd rather reset your position in your holdings to avoid extra taxes. Well 2010 is the year to sell, clean out your positions, post capital gains at a 0% tax rate and then do what you want with the money!

And there's nothing wrong about it; it's all written into the tax code. And you don't have to do it right now, anytime in 2010 will suffice. Just make sure you're in the 10%-15% tax bracket and no higher. Also make sure the assets you sell have been held for at least a year or more or else they will default to your regular tax rate. And that would be disastrous. Well, not really, but it could be! So take advantage today! (or tomorrow, or whenever. Just don't forget when New Years rolls around...)
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Another "New" Camera! [Mar. 16th, 2010|04:05 pm]
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Yep, another gem to add to my collection of obsolete film cameras. Well, not completely obsolete, as this one takes regular old 135 film. As far as I know the camera works, but I went ahead and bought a roll to see how well it works. The flash and auto-rangefinding function operate as well as the shutter-speed dial that adjusts shutter speed based on the film's ISO/ASA exposure speed (from 25 to 400).

I guess if I am going through the trouble of screwing with a consumer-level film camera, I might as well go out and buy a film SLR to play around with. Any thoughts?
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Writer's Block: Welcome to the mobile decade [Mar. 11th, 2010|04:58 pm]
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The eighties were known as the Me decade. The nineties have been called the Electronic age. So far, what would you label this decade?

Since This Decade is only three months old, I can only assume this is about the past decade, 1-1-2000 to 12-31-2009. So my answer refers to that decade.

The Aughts. As in "We aughtta known better..."
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Que Pasa Contigo? [Mar. 10th, 2010|11:04 pm]
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Either all my friends are deleting me or no one is using Livejournal anymore. End of an era?
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Living like no one else [Mar. 3rd, 2010|12:16 am]
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To all who care:

Step 3 of the seven Dave Ramsey baby steps have been completed! As of getting my income tax refund back, I now have finished saving enough cash to cover six full months of regular living expenses! I feel proud of this accomplishment, as I practically drained my emergency fund when I was laid off for two months last year. But by having that emergency fund in place, I learned firsthand the importance of saving for it.

I encourage everyone out there to take charge of their financial destiny and take at least the first step of saving an emergency fund of $1000. Having the cash on hand will turn tragedies into inconveniences.

Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps

On another note, has anyone else noticed a precipitous drop-off in LJ posting in this new year? I surely have...
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Libro-meme [Feb. 14th, 2010|03:52 pm]
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1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

(sporked from togabitoion

"With extremely high medical costs, insurance is very important to have. It can be the difference between being prosperous and being a pauper. While health insurance is by no means cheap, it can be affordable. It is an absolute must to have an [sic] major medical plan that covers mainly hospital stays and big events."

From The Money Answer Book: Quick Answers to Your Everyday Financial Questions by Dave Ramsey. A gift from my little sister, though I suspected she would have taken more from it than I would have.
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NOBODY BEAT$ MITCH!!!11!! [Feb. 10th, 2010|08:24 pm]
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Y'know, for an incredibly cheap and annoying ad campaign, I must say this one is very effective.
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